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Rehearsals: first round for Big5 plus host (LIVE)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 10, 2019 at 11:30 AM

The Big 5 plus Israel started their rehearsals today for the first time. This is how we saw it!


We could not stand this kind of singing as a Josh Groban wannabe. The voice seems forced and the singer has a way of singing in which the notes seem forced and even exaggerated. For those who play at home, the performance is well achieved, with an authentic choir and a perfect staging. We believe it will end up in the lower part of the ranking.


Quelle surprise! It is so classy! Here's a real bump in the bulliers! We did not expect such a special moment from a weak song and a singer who, while not exceptional, did a well-done homework.


Very composed this performance of Spain. A nice singer as we expected and that will bring good mood in the arena. Many artifacts in a kind of little house that reminds one of Moldova's performance last year. For an extroverted and spontaneous song, perhaps the choreography is very orderly and programmed. It can bring a good result to Spain after the last misfortunes.


A long awaited moment! One of the favorites and that will certainly continue to be. Good graphics and good performance of a song that is great! It may sound like a very pop and very money-focused performance, but that's life!


Sweden and UK. With the same composer, it turns white or black. The clothes this time are white and the singer defends his country well. Undoubtedly the Swedish song has a stronger presence which is a shame because the UK deserves to end well!


And Germany continues to put familiar themes in their songs, accompanied by family photos. The sisters are fine but they are applying for the last place. Will it be?

photo: Andres Putting

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