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The cities and the arenas

Posted by Eurovision On Top on December 14, 2019 at 5:45 PM

64 editions of ESC have passed and we will reach the eighth decade! We turned now a page in the history of the popular European contest, remembering the best moments of the last decade!



2/7 - The cities and the arenas

Over the course of this decade, host cities were scattered throughout Europe and the arenas had to adapt to the ever-increasing demand for tickets. Ticket prices were also getting higher and higher. In 2010 a ticket to the final could cost almost 200 Euros and in Israel or Ukraine that would double. If at Oslo's Telenor Arena it was only possible to buy seated tickets, the modalities have been increasingly diversified over the years and tickets can be purchased on foot. In Tel Aviv the option of a VIP ticket for the Green Room has even been placed.

It was in this decade that local discussion was fostered by the choice of various arenas or cities. In ten years, none was repeated and despite the capacity provided by each location, in all situations would be much smaller due to the technical requirements that take up a lot of space. The smallest arena was undoubtedly Expo Tel Aviv, which would host fewer than 10,000 spectators, while the largest would be Dusseldorf's Esprit Arena.

The cities chosen to host the ESC, two of them were not the capitals of the country, a fact that is not new to Eurovision's history. The first capital to host Eurovision was London in 1960.

Press centers have been increasingly demanding, mainly due to the growing number of bloggers asking to attend the event. The largest number of accredited professional journalists tends to be professionals from the host country. The need to involve the spectators of the organizing city, making the event a local and national event, led to the creation of Eurovillages at the beginning of the century.




  • 2010 – Telenor Arena
  • 2011 – Esprit Arena
  • 2012 - Baku Crystal Hall
  • 2013 – Malmo Arena
  • 2014 - B&W Hallerne
  • 2015 – Wiener Stadthalle
  • 2016 – Ericsoon Globe
  • 2017 – Exhibition International Centre of Kiev
  • 2018 – Altice Arena
  • 2019 - Expo Tel-Aviv



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