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Almost qualified

Posted by Eurovision On Top on December 16, 2019 at 5:55 PM

64 editions of ESC have passed and we will reach the eighth decade! We turned now a page in the history of the popular European contest, remembering the best moments of the last decade!



4/7 - Almost qualified


2003 was the last year without semifinals and 2008 the first with two semifinals. Over the past decade it has become clear that both semifinals were needed to qualify for so many countries (the highest number was recorded at 43 in Lisbon and Dusseldorf). But still, some injustices were committed and many songs got in the way. Just one point behind the last qualified, Glen Vella (Malta) and Witloof Baby (Belgium) failed to make it to the final in 2011. The same happened with Suzy and the popular “Eu quero ser tua” in 2014, or in 2019 with Lithuania. But greater frustration will have felt Sofi Marinova in 2012, who tied for 10th place and was close to the final. It was necessary to resort to the country with another 8 points awarded, in this case, Norway. Malta, Serbia and Lithuania have, in the last two years, repeated their 11th place in a semi-final.



  • 2010 - Finland and Sweden
  • 2011 - Malta and Belgium
  • 2012 - Switzerland and Bulgaria
  • 2013 - Serbia and San Marino
  • 2014 - Portugal and Lithuania
  • 2015 - Moldova and Malta
  • 2016 - Bosnia Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia
  • 2017 - Georgia and Serbia
  • 2018 - Azerbaijan and Romania
  • 2019 - Poland and Lithuania



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