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Chart success

Posted by Eurovision On Top on December 18, 2019 at 6:00 PM

64 editions of ESC have passed and we will reach the eighth decade! We turned now a page in the history of the popular European contest, remembering the best moments of the last decade!


6/7 - Chart success


Winners have ensured some chart success in many countries but not all have achieved the expected success. Satellite was undoubtedly the 2011 song when it reached # 1 in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland and of course, Germany. The same did not happen the following year, when Running Scared only reached 11th place in Switzerland and 2nd in Iceland. It was necessary to reach 2012 for two themes to stand out. The winner Euphoria would top the official sales lists of 17 countries and La La Love, which although could not reach any number 1, reached the Top of 13 countries. A year later, Danish winner Only Teardrops reaches number 1 in 5 countries. Italy's song L'essenziale would come in 8 sales charts. In 2014, The Common Linnets would Top the charts in Iceland, Belgium and the Netherlands, while winner Conchita, despite being in several Charts, would only reach number one in their country. Four countries let Mans Zermerlow's hero reach the top of the charts, but it is Il Volo who, despite motivating some success in Europe, make it to the US Classical Top, where they were already very popular. 2016, engulfed in controversy over the winner, took Jamala to 13th place in Belgium in a year when If I were sorry from Sweden becomes the real Eurovision success of the year. Franz reached the number one in Sweden and Poland and in addition to becoming a radio hit, it entered 18 charts, including the UK. In 2017, the year that a non performed english song won, Amar pelos dois, reached the charts of 20 countries. With an increasing tendency to lose its physical shape, the Portuguese song reached number 1 in Iceland, Portugal, Spain and downloads charts from Finland and the Netherlands; 97th place in the UK and 7th in the world (Billboard). 2018 leaves us between Toy and Fuego. With more or less similar success in the official Charts, Fuego reaches number 1 in Greece and Spain while Toy reaches # 1 in Israel and in the Billboard Dance Club Songs (US). The last winner of the decade, Arcade, maked it to the chart of more than 20 countries and reaches the top in 5, consolidating the success of Eurovision songs of this decade. But it's Italian Mahmood who, with Soldi, becomes Eurovision's most streamed song ever and tops the list of 4 countries. Is Italy about to win in the next decade?


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