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Quarantine? 10 Eurovision related things you can do

Posted by Eurovision On Top on March 20, 2020 at 1:20 PM


The Coronavirus that plagues Europe and scares the whole world is forcing many Eurofans to stay at home. On top of that, we will only be able to have Eurovision in 2021. Many find alternatives to occupy their time even though they are working from home. Here is a list of things that you can do as a eurofan, although many already do.

1. Most Eurovision editions are already online and you are sure to have some lost DVDs or even VHSs out there that need to be viewed. So watch Eurovision videos. You will be able to occupy more than 10,000 minutes of your free time. About 180 hours.

2. While watching the videos you will feel an immense need to update your rankings. There are already applications for this, but you can always return to the traditional notebook or excel sheet.

3. A little competition is part of Eurovision. Without points, losses or gains, it wouldn't be funny. So you can organize online contests with some friends. The greater the diversity of countries the better. Use social networks and applications like Zoom. You will feel less alone.

4. Take the opportunity to dance and recreate Eurovision choreographies. Put yourself in front of the TV or the PC and just like a Jane Fonda gym class, you'll be able to exercise without leaving home.

5. Try to learn a foreign language online. Come on, we know you have always been fascinated by songs performed in other languages. Start by using online learning programs and you will end up doing translations of the Eurovision classics that you have always sung and barely knew what you were saying.

6. Play! In addition to the official board games, there are many online quizz games you can play on. Try these or these

7. Since you can't travel, try to visit museums online. It's cheaper, but think of the advantages of being able to enjoy works of art as if you were there! Okay, traveling is better, but how many museums were you unable to visit because you didn't have time?

8. There are more and more studies on Eurovision. Many of them end up resulting in very interesting books on the subject. Academically it is one of the topics that has the most growing study. There are also many biographies of Eurovision artists. Do a search in your online bookstore or consult the recommendations that we have given all these years on our website.

9. If you like to cook, even if you don't have all the products available, you can go into the kitchen and make themed days with food dishes from each country. I'm sure that a good Spanish Tortilla, making a Pizza, cooking a Portuguese steak "bifana", making a Latvian Kama or a Swedish kanelbullar as a dessert will not let you down. There are thousands of recipes on the internet.

10. We are sure that over the years of eurofan, especially if you are not a new eurofan, you have been collecting CDs, posters, photos, etc. How about ordering everything and reviewing the good old days? 


Take the days to do everything you always wanted to do but always said you didn't have time. Have fun!

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