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Celebrate ESC 2020 with us!

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2020 at 9:30 PM

We have already shown that we are sad because there will be no ESC 2020! Although EBU decided on Shine a Light, we wanted to join the celebration by honoring artists in our own way with two events: A WHERE ARE THEY NOW special? and an ALL TIME ALBUMS CHART TOP150! Join us in the eurovision week!

All Time ALBUMS CHART Top 150

Our team decided to create a list of all the albums from ESC artists that every fan must have! We spent allmost one year creating it and because ESC 2020 is cancelled we decide to present it you now! Of course we couldn't consider all the artists and of course it might have some we forgot.


There are some criteria that we had to consider such as the innovation of an album for its time, its creative aspect, its success, its importance in the history of music and also, not to repeat albums by the same artist. The task was hard and so there is a lot of responsibility. It is not easy to order albums with the tastes of more than 10 people, so we decided to leave the best 25 (in our opinion) in the hands of our readers. Voting will take place in the Eurovision week of 2020!

So, during today we will announce the ranking from 150 to 26! You are invited to help us decide!

Where are they now - Special

From today, we will we will remember a Eurovision artist every day and try to find out what is made of them in music. Do not expect to discover things about artists that we are breaking news from time to time. They will be artists that we haven't known anything for a long time. From the 60s to the 90s!

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