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Musiqq 'The biggest ambition is to have a quality performance in Düsseldorf'

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 30, 2011 at 8:20 AM

We had the chance to talk with Marats and Emils, the band that will represent Latvia in ESC this year. The band has been busy now promoting the song for Eurovision and is number one in Latvia with the same song which is number one in our TOP 20.


How do you describe your music?


The music we make is the fusion of our musical influences like Hip Hop, R’n’b, Soul, Rock, Pop. So far in Latvia it has been an open road for the product of our creativity. The Latvian audience has shown the appreciation to what we do and we are truly grateful for that.


Your song is one of the most like entries in our Poll to reach the final, what are your expectations for Eurovision?


Thank you for the wonderful news! We consider Eurovision as a fantastic challenge, incredible opportunity and probably a once in a lifetime adventure. We think that every Eurovision participant enters the contest with at least the minimum expectations of reaching the final. If that expectation is completed then the sky is the limit. The appetit for the excitement and victory just grows from that moment on, as well as the responsibilities do.


By 2 years in a row Latvia didnt’t reach the final of Eurovision. Are you scared by it? We are willing to do our best to break that pattern!


Right now you are the number one in the airplay list of Latvia with Dzive Izdodas, do you think it can help Angel in disguise reaching a good position in ESC, or more popularity in Latvia?


Technically, Dzive izdodas has nothing to do with the potential success of Angel In Disguise as they are completely different songs and targeted to different audiences. Of course, its popularity might have helped us to get where we are now – on the way to Düsseldorf, but from there we are relying on the decision of the jury and the European televoters.


What are your biggest ambitions in music?


For now, the biggest ambition is to have a quality performance in Düsseldorf. We certainly see Eurovision as a possibility to be more recognized in the European if not world music market. You are welcome to talk to us after the contest and we might reveal some greater ambitions. At the moment we are taking step by step and day by day J


Emils, we think your voice is one of the best voices in this year’s contest. Is it a big responsibility for you?*


Thank you! Even though I have participated in the singing contests since a very early age, the responsibility and the excitement never disappears and lessens especially when I enter the stage not only as Emils Balceris or MUSIQQ, but as a representative of my home country, Latvia. It is a great honor and even greater responsibility.


Did you listened the rest of the songs that are competing? What’s your favourite?


We have listened to several songs and met some singers at the promotional events in the Netherlands and Belgium. We cannot chose one definite favorite, but we certainly like songs from Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Germany, the UK and some others.

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