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Congratulations Amsterdam

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 20, 2013 at 6:25 AM

Congratulations Amsterdam!

When the press event to the 5th Eurovision in Concert started by a welcome of René Romkes (Team Eurovision in Concert) to the audience at 14:02 - two minutes later than communicated in the detailed plan, which was sent several days before to the press - there was the impression of a very good organised event, even when not every detail works like planned. At the end of the opening event their would be a very special kind of Eurovision stars shining and impressing, irrespective of this year acts or the loved and very known Carola. But we will come back to this point later on.

First let's have a look on the opening. The welcome was completed by Sietse Bakker (Event Supervisor EBU) and together with René Remkes the 25 of the possible 39 eurovision entrees of the eurovision this year in Malmö where announced one by one. Starting in alphabetic order the first participant on stage was Albania. After that the other 24 countries were announced, giving a special welcome and thank you to Slovenia, who starting from the first year didn't miss any Eurovision in Concert event and so completed the 5 time in a row. René Romkes was also very happy about being able to welcome again Israel back at the Eurovision in Concert.


Here you get a overview about the 25 countries performing at the Eurovision in Concert 2013













Israel back to








San Marino


Slovenia all 5 editions



14:17 the EBU representer gave a thank you the organisation team followed by a speech to the 25 music acts motivating to enjoy all the moments on the way to Malmö, like this concert. The emotional speech remembered what their performances will mean to the over 100 million people all over the world watching the world biggest music event and the impact their songs and dedication will be able to have. He reminded that the participation is more than just a place in the scoreboard.

At 14:21 the eurovision star Carola was announced and performed the song „Fångad av en stormvind“, witch in a really dramatic final brought the victory to the this year host Malmö 23 years ago in 1991 in Rom. Carola participated three times at eurovision and made it everytime to the top 5. The last time in 2006 with „Invincible“. The meaning of Eurovision for CAROLA coming from sweden - the so called mother of Eurovision - is still very high and it changed not only her musical career but also her privat life, being today grandmother of an Israeli guy, what was possible just because of Eurovision. In a short interview Carola at the end didn‘t really said NO to coming back to eurovision. But yes she talked about following eurovision already three decades and at the moment don‘t feeling like coming back at the moment. At the end there was a surprise for CAROLA getting the award as Miss Eurovision, what did her feeling like a Queen or meeting the same.



At 14:37 after all acts leaving the theater and the event being official closed their was a special feeling keeping in the empty theater.

The highlight at this day for sure was the very good organised Eurovision in concert starting in time at 20:30. You can see some impressions of the concert in the photo gallery. At this point it would be possible to speak about the hosts, who not just were very lovely hosts, but also fantastic singers and good entertainers at this evening. We could speak about all participants and possible raising eurovision stars. We could speak about some surprises at this evening seeing the live performances like FYR of Macedonia, France and Switzerland. Or about the smallest participant getting a big favourite for Malmö. It would also be possible to analyse why two acts (Belgium and Greece) had to start their performance a second time. Or at least about the celebration of and with CAROLA closing this gorgeous event, singing good old songs and giving CDs to the fans. The fans were very happy and celebrating each candidate. But at the end of the day there was an other special impression and feeling about the real stars of this eurovision in concert day. And it weren‘t the stars at the official after show party...

„It is up to you, which place eurovision will take in your lifes...“ that said the EBU Supervisor Sietse Bakker at the opening. At this point he was speaking to the acts. But this sentence at this weekend was dedicated to the organisation team! It is impressing what the love and dedicating something can make possible. 5 years ago it started as a joke and at this evening it was funny for sure but it was no joke anymore. That was also clear to the EBU director Jon Ola Sand and the SVT responsible producer of the eurovision in Malmö Martin Osterdahl, who were attending the live event in Amsterdam.



The real stars were the persons who weren‘t seen at this weekend. All the team members who let eurovision work and showed that the power of eurovision can turn jokes into engagement and dreams into reality. Even being fans of a country which isn‘t making it to the final the last 8 years the power of eurovision is making this fans to real eurovision stars! Which passion and love to eurovision do you need to organise such an event, when your country isn‘t making it to the final!?


This is one of the reasons why eurovision is so fascinating and why this page exists! Eurovision is more than just an annual event! Eurovision is that, what you let it be in your life!

@ Amsterdam: thank you that you let eurovision be such a important part of your lifes and let us enjoy and share this passion. Congratulation Amsterdam!


Pedro de Almeida


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Reply Cibervalen
10:38 AM on April 21, 2013 
Greta summary. Thank You :-)