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About the magic of Eurovision

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 23, 2015 at 4:15 AM
Today is the grand final, the day the ORF Team was working hard for. The final show will be broadcasted to 200 million people all over the world, including Australia and for the first time also China broadcasted the three shows.

Around the Stadthalle Eurovision on top very often met in the last days people who just travelled to the event, sometimes without any tickets, others with tickets but with no idea about the events and program environment. And there are so so called fans traveling for the second or third time to the Eurovision.

But what are the reasons for that? What is the secret of that show and what did happen the last 60 years so that people from all over the world are traveling to this show?

Eurovision on top spoke about that with two guys from Germany. Christian (41, left) & Marc (34) are a couple living in Düsseldorf (Germany) and took the time to answer to some questions to get a better understanding about the spirit and magic this show seems to have.

For Christian it isn‘t the first time being at such huge events. As professional photograph he is used to be at red carpet, big shows and to show people the emotions of events. But this time Christian and also Marc aren‘t here to work. Only to enjoy and party.

Why did you decided to travel to Vienna?
Christian: After having a wonderful ESC week in our hometown Düsseldorf (2011) we decided last year, after the great victory of Conchita, to celebrate this event once again live. So we booked the tickets for the flight and the hotel last year, became members of the portuguese Fanclub, where we've got the show tickets and so ... here we are!

Marc: I started to get a big fan of Eurovision after a fantastic Eurovision-Week in my hometown Düsseldorf. It was a really great experience and atmosphere and we get known really nice people and made new friends

What is your (special) link to Eurovision?
Christian: I am a fan of the Eurovision since Johny Logan won the contest with Hold Me Now ... from this year on i watched every year the show on TV and since round about 10 years we celebrate every year a big ESC Party at our home with 30-40 friends, big screen and a lot of fun! The year Lena won the competition for me a dream for me came truth! Not only the fact that in the next year Germany hosted the event ... better: that it was my hometown!!!

What is the fact you like most about Eurovision?
Christian: Mostly the fact that, even that so many different nations, religions and people are participating on this event, it's like a big family! It big party, it's peaceful and its building bridges!!!!

How is your Eurovision Experience 2015 so far?
Christian: Vienna is really a great host! The people we've meet a so friendly and trying to give the guests a great time! The volunteers, Taxi-Drivers, the OGAE Austria Team ... we have a great time here and Vienna is showing his best side!!!

What was so far your best Eurovision moment 2015?
Christian: Hard to say ... so many great moments!!! Meeting some artist, the opening of Conchita at the first semi final! But I think the best moments were those meeting our friends from Spain, Portugal, Germany ... and meeting new people from all over Europe!

Which Semi Final song would you have wished to see at the final?
Christian: For me the Netherlands! Because I am half Netherlands and so my heart beats half for them!

What do you think? Which song will win?
Christian: I really don't know! I thing it's a really strong year!!! And I believe there will be no one winning with a large distance to the others! My personal favorite is Norway! But I think it will be a race between Sweden, Italy, Israel, Australia and Russia!

Marc: I agree with Christian. But I hope for 7: Sweden and Israel. I never visit this country's before and I know that they have a huge Eurovision fan base. I wish all the contestants all the best and I hope that the people outside vote for the music and not for the political background

Once again it is nice to see how this events builds bridges and brings so many positive things to people. This evening for sure a lot of people all over the world will like Christian and Marc usually do, watch the show together with friends and enjoy the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

Pedro de Almeida

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