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Luca Barbarossa: Radio Duets

Posted by Eurovision On Top on December 4, 2015 at 9:15 AM

Radio Duets Musica Libera, released on November 6, it is not only the new recording project by Luca Barbarossa in collaboration with Rai Radio 2, is an idea of music as a meeting and testimony.

It's a  collaboration between artists and along the side of an idea and a symbol: Don Luigi Ciotti and its Libera association against the Mafia and for the promotion of legality and justice. The album consists of 15 tracks and are just some of the many duets of Luke with extraordinary guest artists of Radio 2 Social Club, the leading broadcast daily on RAI Radio 2.

The album is recorded live in the studios of Radio 2, will you listen to the songs exactly as they are aired during the program in recent years: "There is nothing artificial," says Barbarossa, "only the desire to have fun playing along with the music. The Social Band, directed by Stefano Cenci, is the soundtrack to all these meetings, giving the project a solid sound and consistent. " The track list of the disc, for the names of the artists involved and the chosen songs, composing a portrait of excellence in the Italian music scene in recent years.


  • 1 Solo un gigolò da Luca Barbarossa feat. Francesco De Gregori
  • 2 Venderò da Luca Barbarossa feat. Edoardo Bennato
  • 3 Felicità da Luca Barbarossa feat. Giuliano Sangiorgi
  • 4 Un'estate fa da Luca Barbarossa feat. Franco Califano
  • 5 Luce da Luca Barbarossa feat. Fiorella Mannoi
  • 6 La vita da Luca Barbarossa feat. Lucio Dalla
  • 7 Una storia disonesta da Luca Barbarossa feat. A. Mannarino, Alex Britti
  • 8 La prima cosa bella da Luca Barbarossa feat. Malika Ayane
  • 9 Occhi di ragazza da Luca Barbarossa feat. Gianni Morandi
  • 10 Fine di un amore da Luca Barbarossa feat. Fabrizio Bosso
  • 11  Prendila così da Luca Barbarossa feat. Mario Biondi
  • 12 Dance Me to the End of Love da Luca Barbarossa feat. Chiara Civello
  • 13 Ho visto anche gli zingari felici da Luca Barbarossa feat. Luca Carboni
  • 14 Una città per cantare da Luca Barbarossa feat. Ron
  • 15 Il disertore da Luca Barbarossa feat. Simone Cristicchi

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