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First day of rehearsals in Lisbon

Posted by Tomas Cano on April 29, 2018 at 5:20 AM

Today the first round of rehearsals for the First Semi-final of Eurovision Song Constest 2018 in Lisbon started!

Azerbaijan, Iceland, Albania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Israel, Belarus, Estonia and Bulgaria will first step on the stage of the Altice Arena of Lisbon.

Azerbaijan The choreography is nice and the stage is well assembled for the performance. Aisel sings well and is very well supported by the 4 portuguese backing vocals. MAYBE

Iceland A classical performance with nothing to expect. The good skills of the singer are obvious but maybe in this strong semifinal are not enough. NO

Albania Another great singer and one more, let's say, normal and expected performance. NO

Belgium Sennek creates a very nice ambiance with a very good instrumental that surronded the arena. A not so good point is the dress. If she keep it she might be a good contender for the Barbara Dex Award.YES

Czech Republic Mikolas insists in going to the high school and he experienced everything, even doing a bad jump and going to the hospital. It's not a good way to start the tour in Portugal but we hope he can be better soon! YES

Lithuania Very very good surprise. For us it's the song that better learned the lesson with the victory of Salvador Sobral. The camera projections seems to work very well on the television. YES

Israel Big expectations for a pop culture based performance. Something is missing in the performance: maybe the back vocals? maybe the choreography? We wanted to say WOW! We didn't but Netta will be in the final! YES

Belarus When you think you saw everything in this performance, you will find one more surprise. From the arrow, to the dancer, from the roses, from the blood! It's too much in a bad way! NO

Estonia Well done! The camera loves the singer and even opera had never good results in Eurovision, with the help of the magic dress, it may work! YES

Bulgaria Potential winner! Maybe! Good singers? Sure! Everything is ok with the clever band Equinox! YES

We put 5 YES out of 10 songs! More will come tomorrow and we will tell you! From now, you can see the videos at the official channel of eurovision and don't forget to follow us at facebook!

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