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Rehearsals - Day 5

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 3, 2018 at 6:25 AM

This is the first time that we watching the rehearsals live from the venue and the impression is very different:

Azerbaijan - Right now it's performance has nothing new. Good singer and performances but in such a hard semifinal it's not certain that they will reach the final. MAYBE

Albania - Great visual performance from the albanian singer. Without any doubt, this is a country that really deserves to be in the final. MAYBE

Iceland - The performance might look a bit old fashioned but the singer is great. The bad thing is that performing after Albania can be a down moment. NO

Belgium - Great performance today. The cameras worked to much better than the previous rehearsal. Belgium still it's fight for winning but it won't be this time. YES

Czech Republic - After the doubts about the health issue of Mikolas, he could perform today. It was a good rehearsal but it was clear that he avoid making big movements. YES

Lithuania - Great great show! It is simple, elegant, quality and efective! Perfect YES

Israel - The big favorite doens't convince again at 100%. Netta is ok but the backing vocals are out of tone sometimes. No matter what they will be in the final. YES

Belarus - Aleksee is doing a  nice show again but the result seems to be a extravaganza and baroque. Not sure if he will be in the final. MAYBE

Estonia - Very nice visual impact who lead the audience to vote. It is really appealing! YES

Bulgaria - Equinox are trying to reach the place that Salvador took from Bulgaria. They will be on the top of this final. YES

FYR Macedonia - The singer was not good today and their performance was something from the past. It will be difficult to reach final. NO

Croatia - The beauty Franka is and the nice the performance is may not be enough for reaching the final. MAYBE

Austria - Their vocal abilities are the best! If César doensn't proceed to the final it will be very unfair. YES

Greece - Great rehearsal from Yianna with so much elegance. A simple performance with a beautiful melodie. To sing in greek is the best! YES

Finland - Saara was much better today but the scenography doesn't bring anything new. MAYBE

Photo by: Andres Putting

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