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Best song


Best kept secret - Didrik Solli- Tangen43%
Selfish Love - Andrea (Non Stop) & Pedro Cazanova29%
The army - Anna Bergendhal17%
Sudasuve rohtunud teed - Laura9%
Rengarenk - Sertab Erener2%


Best Album

No boundaries - Alexander Rybak61%
This gig almost got me killed - Ovi16%
Teardrops - Tom Dice14%
My cassete player - Lena6%
Rengarenk - Sertab Erener3%



Best video


I no can do - Fabrizio Faniello    41%
Alexander Rybak - Oah39%
Svetlana Loboda - Serdtse Byotsya11%
Dima Bilan - Safety6%
Rengarenk - Sertab Erener3%




Best Male


Alexander Rybak41%
Fabrizio Faniello32%
Didrik Solli-tangen14%
Dima Bilan8%




Best Female

Hera Bjork39%
Lena 35%
Maria Haukaas13%
Sertab Erener8%




Best Live:


Alexander Rybak58%
Sakis Rouvas18%
Flor de Lis3%




Best Band:

Flor de Lis24%
The Ark13%


Song of the year

Satellite is the Eurovision song of the year but in this category we will decide which is the best song performed by a former Eurovision Artist. During more than one month you have had the chance to decide. Now its time to decide which is the best in every catergory. Simply go to VOTE NOW section and decide!

Best Kept Secret - Didrik Solli-Tangen (Norway)


Sudasuve rohtunud teed - Laura Polvdere (Estonia)

Rengarenk - Sertab Erener (Turkey)

Selfish Love - Andrea & Pedro Cazanova (Portugal)

The army - Anna Bergendhal (Sweden)


Album of the year

 You decided! 5 albums are nominated for this category. 3 men and 2 women are included. Start voting now!!





My cassete player - Lena (Germany)


No boundaries - Alexander Rybak (Norway)

Rengarenk - Sertab Erener (Turkey)


This gig almost got me killed - Ovi (Romania)

 Teardrops - Tom Dice (Belgium)


Female singer of the year

Rita Guerra, Soraya, Safura or Elena Paparizou didnt reach the Top 5 for best female singer of the year. Last year, Sara Tavares was the most voted. Who will be this year? These are the nominees: 

Lena (Germany)


Sertab Erener (Turkey)

Laura (Estonia)


Maria Haukaas (Norway)

Hera Bjork (Iceland) 



Male singer of the year

Boys and Men invaded the Top 20 this year. The most voted category of this year didnt allow Tom Dice, Koldun or Mihalis Xatzigiannis enter the chart. The 5 nominees are:

Alexander Rybak (Norway)



Dima Bilan (Russia)

Didrik Solli-Tangen (Norway) 


Miro (Bulgaria) 

Fabrizio Faniello (Malta) 


Live show of the year

Lots of concerts from Eurovision Artists during this yea. Of course the show of the year was the Eurovision Song Contest itself, but the most  voted by you as the best concert of the year were:

Soraya (Spain)



Sakis Rouvas (Greece)

Flor de Lis (Portugal)


Alexander Rybak (Norway)


Lordi (Finland)



Band of the year

Last year the winner was Urban Symphony from Estonia. MangA, Malcolm Lincoln or Kunkuuiskaajat received a lot of votes this time, but the nominees for the best band are:

Athena (Turkey)




Serebro (Russia)

Flor de Lis (Portugal)

 The Ark (Sweden) 

Lordi (Finland)


Video of the year

From Giorgos Alkaios and Sakis Rouvas to Anna Bergendhal or Serebro, this category was one of the most difficult decisions. Last year, Justyna Stechkowska won. The 5 most voted videos were as follows:


Dima Bilan - Safety (Russia)

Fabrizio Faniello - I no can do (Malta)

Sertab Erener - Rengarenk (Turkey)


Alexander Rybak - Oah (Norway)


Svetlana Loboda - Serdtse Byotsya (Ukraine)



For the second time, Eurovision On Top will award the best Eurovision artists from 2010.

In November we will call for nominees sugestions in the seven categories: male singer, female singer, band, video of the year, live show, single and album of the year.

In December you can vote and in January we will announce the winners.

For each category readers will choose 4 entries and our editors will choose 1 entry.


By voting you will enter a competition draw for winning calendars about Eurovision Cities. 10 to offer!




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