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All the albums from 2018

Best of March 2018

Dami Im - I hear a song

Andrew Lloyd Weber - Unmasked

Riccardo Fogli/Roby Facchinetti - Insieme

Ruth Lorenzo - Loveaholic

Aija Andrejeva - Mes parejam uz tu

Tozé Brito - A memória do Amor

Amaia - Sus canciones

Alfred - Sus canciones

Ingeborg - Where the sky touches the sea

Best of/from February 2018

Andrius Mamontovas - The Hong Kong Tapes A fully instrumental album after the very experimental Kibernetiniai Zaislai from last year. In this album, the author tries to create a asian but electronic ambience. Recommended Track: Sadness ends after this. 5/5

Emmelie de Forest - History Emmelie keeps building her status as a mature artist. With only 7 songs the album createst it's History with sounds that reminds sometimes that we are at the early 90's. Recommended Track: History; Hunting High and ow cover of A-HA. 5/5

José Cid - Clube dos Corações Solitários do Capitão Cid Cid sings to some legends, from Marilyn to Piazolla. He also sings his own version of Machin's Angelitos Negros. The cover is a kind of a Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart? Recommended Track: No Curral das Bruxas 2.5/5

Barbara Dex - Dex tot de Tweede Macht A great comeback and a nice surprise from the woman that gaves name to a Award. Her music is very mature and consistent now, from Blues to Pop. Recommended track: Vaarwel Jenny 4/5

Emma - Essere Qui The album sounds a continuous San Remo set of songs. 

From the second half of it, Emma really shows her best and gains coeherence as long as we listen to it. Recommended track: Portami via da te 4/5

3Js - Nu As the albums starts we shout WOW but when we continue listening to it we remember why they didn't qualify in ESC. Their music is consistent and well created but you have to like it's style. Good that tracks like Misschien Niet Nu and Mensen are in this album. 3/5 

Mumiy Troll - Vostok i Ceverozapad This is actually a album for theirl fans and a huge comeback as we see in the charts. It sounds very rock but if you don't understand russian it might be a problem. Recommended tracks: Plany; Milota 3/5

Ermal Meta - Non Abbiamo Armi The new album of this year San Remo winner doens't give us anything new and it is one more of it's albums. The opening it's the ESC song but 9 Primavere is probably the best track on it. 3.5/5

Luca Barbarossa - Roma è de tutti Taking us to the streets of Rome and telling us stories of it. This is how we could feel while listening the album. A city for everyone strongly influenced by italian sounds. Recommended track: Se penso a te 4.5/5

Best of/from January 2018

Francesca Michielin - 2046 The little girl has grown but kept the sensibility to make us feel fragile. This is not her masterpiece yet but she still as one of the artist from Italy to follow. Recommended Track: Scusa se non ho gli occhi azzurri 4/5

Umberto Tozzi - Quarant'anni che ti amo in Arena Tozzi managed to celebrate his 40th anniversary and invited  Gianni Morandi, Enrico Ruggeri and Raf among others and all those who took turns on the stage of the beautiful Arena di Verona. Recommended Track: Nel sole with Al Bano  4/5

Bjorn Skifs - Every bit of my life 1967-2017 307 songs in 24 discs from 50 years - This is how Bjorn celebrates! If you are a true fan this is not an investment but patchwork of a life. Recommended track: Fångad I En Dröm, of course! 3/5

Tanel Padar - Parem Veelgi EP 5 songs! But this is not only what we can expect from this since when it finishs we want more. This is a very cohesive work that reflects the maturity of the artist. Recommended track: Veel ja veel 4/5

Helena Paparizou - Ouranio toxo The awaited album of Helena includes all her latest hits like Fiesta. Alternating dance songs with beautiful ballads this is the "back to basics" of Helena. Recommended track: Ase me na figo 4/5 

Salvador Sobral - Excuse me ao vivo This is the recording of Salvador Sobral that proves he is a jazz singer specially for those who think he is only the guy of Amar pelos dois. It includes songs in spanish like the recommended track Ay Amor 5/5

Mihalis Xatzigiannis - Erotas Agkathi No more than 10 songs to welcome back this great artist. Finally he is here since  I Agapi Dinamonei. The artist maintain his personal style due to his characteristic voice. Recommended track: Erotas Agathi 4/5

Dima Bilan - Egoist This is a real Pop actual work and proves the opposite of those who thought Dima was just a fast food music artist. Big ballads and rhythms that remind Timberlake, make this album one of the best of the year.  Recommended Track: Atom 5/5

Zdravko Colic - Ono malo srece Full of serbian sounds, the new album of Zdravko since Vatra i Barut (2013) is a delicatessen for your ears even if the two first singles don't represent the CD as it really is. Recommended track: Tebe Cuvam Za kraj 5/5 

Julio Iglesias - Dois corações 15 tracks with covers from Careless Whisper to How can you mend a broken heart along with duets with brazilian singers like Paula Fernandes is certainly a gift to all those latin fans he has in south America. Reccomended Track: Viver a vida with Daniel 3/5

Ich Troje - Pierwiastek z Dzjewieciu  Michal Wisniewski gathered his band again and recorded this album. Surprinsingly, the songs sound a bit the same as they performances in Eurovision. Nothing is really new in this album except that is cool to listen to it. Recommended track: Hejty 3/5

Sofia Vitória / José Peixoto - Belo Manto One more time the girl from Foi Magia expresses she is not that kind of girl. Actually she is involved in this new project that search oriental and medieval sounds in portuguese language. Sofia is probably one of the best singers and less know from the portuguese panorama. Recommended track: Moiro d'amor 4/5

Albums of 2017

Aarzemnieki - Visi kopa

Al Bano - Di rose e di spine

Alexander Search - Alexander Search

Alma - Ma peau aime

Amir - Addictions

Anna Maria Jopek - Minione

Andrzej Piaseczny - O mnie, o tobie, o nas

Anggun - 8

Aram MP3 & Iveta Mukuchyan - Dashterov

Arvingarna - Våra Allra Bästa

Benny Andersson – Piano

Bjorn Skifs – Every bit of my life 1967-2017 (24 CD)

ByeAlex és a Slepp - Szív(sz)Kill

Can Bonomo - Kainat sustu

Celine Dion - Un peu de nous

Charlotte Perelli - Mitt Liv

Cliff Richard – Stronger thru the years

Clouseau - Clouseau 30

Deep Zone Project – Longest Album

Demy – Demy

Demy - Kontra

Dihaj - The End Of Sunrise

Dima Bilan - Egoist

DJ Bobo – Mystorial Live

Doris Dragovic live - Spaladium arena

Dulce Pontes - Peregrinação

Elena Temnikova - Temnikova l

Engelbert Humperdinck – 50

Evridiki – 25 gia panda

Fausto Leali - Non solo Leali

Francesco Gabbani – Magellano

Fizz, The – The F-Z of Pop

Gianni Morandi - D'amore d'autore

Goran Karan & Neno Nincevic – Naša bila štorija

Guy Sebastian - Conscious

Hadise – Sampiyon

Helena Paparizou - Ouranio tokso 

Intars Busulis & Abonementa Orķestris - Nākamā Pietura

Jill Johnson – Rodeo

Jill Johnson – Christmas Island

Julio Iglesias - Mexico e amigos

Kaiti Garbi - Spase tous Deiktes

Karel Gott - Zpiva Karel Gott 2017 edition

Karel Gott - Caz Ruzi

Kristina - Mať srdce

Ladies of soul - Live at the Ziggo Dome 2017

Lara Fabian - Camouflage

Laura Polvdere – Greatest Hits

Laura Voutilainen - Miks ei

Lauris Reiniks – 50 Popularakas Dziesmas

Lena – Crystal Sky (new version)

Levina – Unexpected

Loic Nottet - Selfocracy

Loreen - Ride

Louis Neefs - 80

Luciana Abreu – Luciana Abreu

Marija Naumova - Uz iluziju tilta

Marie Myriam – 40 ans de carrière

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe – Together again

Michelle - Traumen haben flugel

MFO - Kendi kendine

Nana Mouskouri - Nana arranged & conducted by Bobby Scott

Nana Mouskouri - Hello Santa

Natasha St. Pier – L’Alphabet des animaux

Nicole - 12 Punkte

Nicole - Das ist mein Weg

Nina Zilli – Modern Art

Nino de Angelo - Liebe fur immer

Nino de Angelo – Das beste

O. Torvald  - Бісайди (Bisaydi)

OG3NE - We got this

Pastora Soler – La calma

Patric Fiori - Promesse

Paulo de Carvalho – duetos

Páll Oskar - Einn Dans EP 

Páll Oskar - Kristalsplatan

Raphael - Una vida de canciones

Rainer Hoelgmeier - Holy Night in New York / Da wo Du bist da ist Weihnacht

Regina - U Srcu

Rita - Transparent Miracles

Roger Cicero - Gluck ist leicht - das beste von 2006-2016

Rosa Lopez - Kairós

Ryan Dollan – Deep covers

Salvadro Sobral - Excuse me (LIVE)

Sara Tavares - Fitxadu

Sarit Hadad - Sara Shara

Sebastien Tellier and the Mind Gamers – Power of Power

Sebalter – Awakening

Serge Lama - Ou Sont Passés Nos Reves - Édition Limitée

Sergey Lazarev - V epitsentre

Sergio Dalma – Via Dalma III

Simon Webbe – Smile

Shlomo Artzi - Paam Tori Paam Torech

Svetlana Loboda- H2LO

Tina Karol - Intonatsii / Интонации

Tomas Ledin - Inte ett moln så långt ögat kan nå

Toppers - In concert 2017 Wild West, Home Best

Trijntje Oosterhuis – Leven van de liefde

Udo Jurgens – Merci, Udo! 2

Umberto Tozzi - Quarant'anni che ti amo

Various Artists – Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Wind - Liebes Leben

Zdravko Colic - Ono malo srece

20 albums for December

David Civera - 15 aniversario      Jarkko Ahola - Romanssi               Marco Mengoni - Live

Ott Lepland - Maailm um ees      Waylon – SEEdS                             Jalisse - The best of

Mor ve Ötesi – Kayıtlar                Carola - Drömmen Om Julen         Brian Kennedy - Essential

Raphael - Infinitos Bailes             Mans Zelmerlow – Chameleon       Rykka - Beatitudes

Olivia Newton John - Friends for Christmas     Ani Lorak - Razve ty lyubil

Gordon - Compleet, Volmaakt Het Einde        Franco Battiato & Alice – Live in Roma

Patricia Kaas - Patricia Kaas        Juri Pootsmann - Tana                                                       

3JS - Acoustic Christmas Volume 2  Fatals Picards - Country Club

Essential Albums - December                                          2016

10 Albums chosen by EOT editors highly recommended for you
Jill Johnson / Michael Ball

»»» For you I'll wait



Together  «««

Jimmy Martin / Sirusho

»»» Berlin



Armat «««

Noid / Anouk                                      

»»» Bonnie & Clyde



Fake it till we die ««««

Karel Gott / Sofia Vitória

»»» 40 Slaviku



Echoes  «««   

Tom Dice / Cliff Richard

»»» I've come a long way



Just... Fabulous Rock'n'Roll ««« 

Essential Albums - November

Berlin - Jimmy Martin                          Armat - Sirusho
For you I'll wait - Jill Johnson                Together - Michael Ball and Alfie Boe
Bonnie & Clyde - Noid                        Fake it till we die - Anouk
I've come a long way - Tom Dice         Just... Fabulous Rock'n'Roll - Cliff Richard
40 Slaviku - Karel Gott                       Echoes - Sofia Vitória

Essential Albums - October


Cleo – Bastet                      Raphael Gualazzi – Love life pece

Teapacks – Manual work     Lovebugs - Land oh!

Lordi – Monstereophonic     Isabelle Aubret - Allons enfants

Vaiko Eplik – Kirevase         Il Volo - Notte Magica

Dj Bobo- Mystorial              Nina Kraljic – Samo

Essential Albums - September

Céline Dion – Encore une soir                Andrius Pojavis – 7

Hari Mata Hari – Cílim                        Polina Gagarina – 9

Sieneke – De liefde die lacht…               Hanna Pakarinen - Synnyin, elän, kuolen

Toppers– Royal Night of Disco               Voltaj – X

Dino Merlin – Greatest Hits          Lena Katina – Esta soy yo

Essential Albums - July / August

Kirik Kalpler Albumu – Sertab Erener            Fool bar – Douwe Bob

Lotta Pa Liseberg – Lotta Engberg                Running – Dilara

Sverige – Malena Ernman                            Restless - Elaiza

The best (english edition)- Sergey Lazarev   Perfectly Re:damaged - Måns Zelmerlöw

İhtimaller’- Kenan Doğulu         Mitt hjärta klappar för dig - Benny Anderssons Orkester

Essential Albums - June

Jamala – 1944                              Serebro - Сила трёх / Sila treh
Riva - Collection                            Nicky Byrne - Sunlight
Sandhja - Freedom Venture           Morland Make a sail
Michael von der heide – Paola         Nadav Guedej - נדב גדג'
Leonor Andrade – Setembro            Gerard Joling - Lieveling


Essential Albums - May

Eurovision 2016                                        Barei – Throw the dice

Michelle – Ich wurd es wieder tun                Amir – Au cœur de moi

Jamie Lee - Berlin                                      Donnny Montell  - #BLCK

Michal Szpak- Byle byc soba                     Dami Im - Classic Carpenters

Enrico Ruggeri - Un Viaggio Incredibile        Ladies Of Soul - Live At The Ziggo Dome 2016

Essential Albums - April

Philipp Kirkorov – I                                            Shlomo Artzi - קצפת
Zoe – Debut                                                     Nina Morato - Fanfaron
Sebastien Tellier - Saint amour                          Sebastien Tellier - Marie et les naufragés
Tony Cetinski - Best of                                      Inês Santos - Sal                                     Doðan Canku ile 50 Yýl Çeþitli Sanatçýlar (feat: Kenan dogulu/maNga)
Claudio Baglioni E Gianni Morandi -Capitani Coraggiosi– Il Live

Essential Albums - March

Anouk  - Queen for a day                        Remedios Amaya – Rompiendo el silencio

Francesca Michielin – Di20                       Barbara Dex - Dex, Drugs & Rock'N Roll

Closeau - Closeau Danst                          Marco Mengoni – Liberando Palabras

Ted Gardestad - Sol, vind och vatten        Softengine - From Earth, From Ashes, From Dust

Maria Magdalena – All is one                     Katri Helena - Suuret Suomalaiset

Essential Albums - February

Jean-Marc Sauvagnargues – Novembre 67   Soraya – Akustika

Roger Cicero - Cicero Sings Sinatra              Franco Batiatto – Le nostre anime

Massimo Ranieri - Canzone Napoletana       Candan Ercetin - Ah Bu Şarkıların Gözü Kör Olsun

Udo Jürgens - Best of Live                           Michelle – Die ultimative best of Live

Jill Johnson - Livemusiken från Jills Veranda  Tomas Ledin – Livs levanden ledin

Essential Albums - January

Tamara Todevska - Eden den                    Louisa Baileche - Terra mia

Ivo Fomins – Nekas jau nebeidzas               Luca Barbarossa – Radio Duets

Daniel Diges – Calle Broadway                     Rambo Amadeus - Vrh dna

Mumiy Troll – Malibu Alibi                            Katri Helena - Niin on aina ollut

Paloma San Basilio – Voces para el Alma      Tanel Padar & the Sun - Veidi Valjem Kui Vaikus III

Essential Albums - December

Marco Mengoni – Le chose che non ho         Vicky Leandros - Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß

Aistė Smilgevičiūtė ir SKYLĖ - Vilko vartai     3Js- 7

Musiqq – Siltasirds                                     Paula Seling - Povești de iarnă

Holograf - Life line                                     Alexander Rybak - Trolle Og Den Magiske Fela

Anguun - Toujours un ailleurs                     Roberto Bellarosa – Suis ta route

Emma Marrone – Adesso                            Anna Vissi - Sinentefksi/ Συνέντευξη

Essential Albums - November


Lara Fabian - Ma vie dans la tienne            Sergio Dalma - Dalma

Frances Ruffelle - I say Yeh Yeh                  Amaury Vassili – Chansons Populaires

Natasha St Pier - Mon Acadie                     Sergej Cetkovic - Moj Svijet 

Justyna Steczkowska - I Na Co Mi Było?      Anna Bergendhal - Something to believe in

Kikki Danielsson - Postcard From A P.Lady  NOID - Jedinej krok

Intars Busulis - Gravitacija                          Samira Said – Ayza Aeech


Essentials Albums - October

Il volo – L’amore si muove                  Dima bilan - Ne malchy

Julio Iglesias – México                         Lena Philipsson - Jag Är Ingen Älskling

The Common Linnets - II                    Zeljko Joksimovic - Zeljko Joksimovic

Michael von der Heide – Bellevue        Andrius Mamontovas - Degancios akys

Francine Jordi – Wir                            Toppers - Crazy Summer

Monika Linkyte – Walk with me            Milan Stankovic - Milan

Essential Albums - September

Jelena Tomasevic - Ime Moje                     Rui Bandeira - Sente

Max Mutzke - Max                                    Wind - Das Beste aus 30 Jahren

Kabát - Do pekla do nebe                         Peter, Sue & Marc - Io senza te die original songs zum musical

Mumiy Troll - Nupamckue Konuu (Deluxe)   Petra Frey - Meilenweit

Ladies of Soul - Live at Ziggo Dome 2015    Krístina - Tie naj

Essential Albums - August

Two strongs heart live - Olivia Newton John     Ott Lepland - Siin poolne

7 steps of fresh air - Brainstorm                     Elina Born  - Elina Born

Edurne - Adrenalina                                        Ma Näen Sind - Tanel Padar & The Sun

Sono io - Raf                                                 Björgvin Halldórsson - Ég trúi því

Live шоу Каролина - Ani Lorak                       Gold (2014 edition) - ABBA

Essential Albums - July

Perfectly damaged - Mans Zelmerlow            Inner voice - Aminata

Crystal Sky - Lena                                        Härifrån ser jag allt!  - Martin Stenmarck

Perfect now - Jessica Andersson                    Letters from war - Alsou

14.11.14 - Les Fatals Picards                       Collected - Trintje Oosterhuis

The essential  - Julio Iglesias                         The Best of - Tajci

Essential Albums - June

Conchita Wurst - Conchita                              The Makemakes - The Makemakes

Ann Sophie- Silver into Gold                           Trintje Oosterhuis - Walk Along

Boogie - All is one is all                                 Lisa Angell - Lisa Angell

Pertti Kurikan nimipäivät - The best of           Vaidis Baumila - Is naujo

Anti Social Media - The way                           Ola Salo - Wilderness

Essential Albums - May

Jill Johnson & Doug Seegers - In Tandem          ESC 2015 - Official Album - Various Artists

Lulu - Making Life Rhyme                                Amina - Unveil

José Cid- Menino Prodigio                               Enrico Ruggeri - Pezzi di vita

Udo Juergens - Das letzte Konzert  Zürich '14  Andrzej Piaseczny - Kalejdoskop

Lisa del Bo -  Voor Een Moeder, Door Een Moeder      Glennis Grace - Bitterzoet

Essential Albums - April

Mira Awad - Write down                                   Diamá - We're not done

Guy Sebastian - Madness                                 Anabela - Casa Alegre

Rusza Magdolna - Dalok húrokra és fúvósokra   Blue - Colours

Musiqq - Vel Viena Muzika                               CatCat -  Kukat Kauniit

Lara Fabian - The essential                               Terrapie - Terrapie

Essential Albums - March

Athena – Altust

Katri Helena – Taivaan Tie

Nina Zilli - Frasi & Fumo

Can Bonomo - Bulunmam Gerek

Justyna Steczkowska - Anima

Il Volo – San Remo Grande Amore

Marijonas Mikutavicius - Lengvas būdas mesti klausytis

Malene Mortensen - Can't Help It

Sabine Stieger - Sabinschky

Edsilia Rombley – The Piano Ballads vol.1

Essential Albums - February

Sergio Dalma - Yo estuve Alli

Getter Jaani - DNA

Nino de Angelo - Meisterwerke – Lieder meines Lebens

Boris Novikovic - Još sam uvijek tvoj

Amaury Vassili  - Amuary Vassili chante  Mike Brant 

Udo Juergens - Mitten im leben

SEBalter - Day of glory

Lena Katina - This is who I am

Marco Mengoni - Parole in Circolo

Anouk - Paradise and Back Again

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