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"Abba is great, but when Lordi won the contest it was the best"
César Sampson

"Lisbon: a nation with heritage of conquerors is especially inclusive and open today"
Laura Rizzotto

"Grandparents from Portugal, excited to eat a pastel de nata"


"Thank you Salvador!"

Eugent Bushpepa

"Eurovision without LED is a great idea for me"

Mikolas Josef

"I guess you can consider me as a kind of a newbee in ESC"

Norma John

"IMusic can help us through difficult times and things of our lives"

Claudia Faniello

"I'm still trying to fully absorb the fact that I'm actually going to Eurovision"

Joci Papa

"No matter what nationality or minority you belong to, the main answer is love"


"We sang the song the first time on mum's bed"

Manel Navarro

"That was not really a big deal in the national final"


"I had to come back this year"

Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson

"The courageous lion and the bautiful panther"

Blanche                                                     I cant believe I am following Noic's footsteps

Sandhja                                            My indian roots have a huge influence

Sanja                                                          Never give up on what you love

ManuElla       The song is about finding strength and happiness within ourselves

Rykka                   Being part of Eurovision is already such a special adventure

ZOE:                 My song should put a smile on the face of those who listen to it

Barei    Flamenco in japanese wouldn't work. The same happens with my music in spanish

Laura Tesoro                     Just be yourself and stop worrying about the rest

ARGO                                Our song calls the entire world to follow a dream

Amir                           French people are sending a song they know and like!

Lighthouse X           Song was written day after terrorist attach in paris 11/15

Kaliopi           I will give my performance of a lifetime

Minus One  We will do our best and for us that is the advantage
Getty Kaspers                                                                        Winner 1974

Melanie René      Nothing stands between you and your dreams
The Makemakes  For sure we won't be last
Debrah & Morland   We never imagined it was such a big show
Bojana  I have positive attitude about everything
Mans  Italy and Australia will be hard to beat
Knez     We should all be proud of who we are and accept each others
Maria Elena  Eurovision has always been a dream for me
Uzari & Maimuna This is our first time together, maybe not the last
Leonor Andrade The Voice made me grow a lot as an artist
Boogie  I would be happy if my performance could be my best
Loic  I hope it is just the start of my musical adventure
Daniel Kajmakoski  After Eurovision, the birth of my very first solo album
Nadav Guedj   I know I am blessed with 16 to have that chance
Anti Social Media    We felt in love with the song the first time we heard it
Voltaj  Eurovision is a strong competition and we have a strong social message
Amber   All Malta will party for many days, if not weeks



I wanted to express my view of beauty

Ott Lepland


It would be nice to see the world knowing some songs written by myself



Da Vinci

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