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Patrick Fiori:  "The male instinct"

Patrick Fiori will release on next September 27 his new album entitled "L’instinct masculin", billed as his most personal album. The Corsican singer was surrounded by his faithful collaborators, (the producer Patrick Hampartzoumian, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Ariane Quatrefages, Lionel Florence, JM Beriat...) and has signed six of the 11 songs on the album. "Peut être, que peut être," the first single, it’s a pleasant and effective Jean-Jacques Goldman theme.

Christos for Cyprus

Christos Mylordos has been picked in Cyprus to represent the sunny island in Germany next year. His song will be picked later.

Namely, they decided to pick their singer before and then later, to pick a song for the artist. The show used for that was called Performance and a total of nine singers fought for the possibility to represent their country.

In the end it was Christos Milordos to take the trophy with more than 11,000 votes. He was followed by Louis Panagiotou with almost 6,000 votes and Annita Skoutela with a bit over 4,000 votes. text and source:

Eurovision Party Portugal Press Conference

Today the Organization of Eurovision Party (Municipality of Setúbal and OGAE Portugal) gave a press conference at Lounge Café in Setúbal, the host city. Around 50 journalists attended to the conference.The representative of the Municipality talked about the importance of the event in the city. The president of OGAE talked about the expectations of this event, introduced all the artists and events related to Eurovision party next weekend andf also introduced the last artist, Carlos Costa, 3rd place at Pop Idol Portugal 2009. Lots of fans of the artist were there showing to everyone how popular he is. Answering some journalists, Carlos said he is devoted to ESC since he was a child. Now he consider it is a very healthy way of listening European music. He refered to the competition as including smart ways to win with pop rythms that remind a party. In Eurovision party he will perform “Be my Valentine” from Svetlana because he recorded the song in studio (watch video) and because he identifies himself with it. He said it will be a pleasure sharing the stage with such big names. He remarked Karolina Gocheva as a big artist that he really admires. Yesterday, Guilherme Santos from OGAE was in the National Television, RTP, in the program Verão Total, announcing the show.  Next 11th September everyone is invited to join Eurovision Party Portugal!!

Svante Stockselius says goodbye to Eurovision

Svante Stockselius, Executive Supervisor of the Junior- and Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the EBU since 2003, has decided to resign from his position at the end of 2010. The upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be the 26th and last Eurovision event under his supervision. The search for a successor will shortly commence, and is likely to be completed before the end of the year. source:


The Promo video of Eurovision Party Portugal

 Sandra Kim will join Eurovision Party Portugal

The organization of Eurovision Party Portugal just announced that the Eurovision Winner of 1986, Sandra Kim will perform in the night of next September 11th. For more informations about tickets you can contact us or visit the official site Sandra Kim:

Jakob Sveistrup will join Eurovision Party Portugal - It's official

The brilliant danish singer Jakob Sveistrup will join the biggest Eurovision Party and Live concert in Setúbal, Portugal, next 11th September. Jakob represented Denmark in 2005.

The organization is waiting for an Eurovision Winner and the name will be announce later today. So far, if you come to Setúbal you will see the performances of:

 Jakob Sveistrup - Denmark 2005

Mihai Trăistariu - Romania 2006

Anabel Conde - Spain 1995

Michael von der Heide - Switzerland 2010

Nucha - Portugal 1999

Hanna Pakarinen - Finland 2007

Filipa Azevedo - Portugal 2010

Hera Björk – Iceland 2010

Karolina Gočeva - FYR Macedonia 2002, 2005

Friðrik Ómar - Iceland 2008

Coral - Spain National Finals

Pedro Madeira - Portugal Junior ESC 2006
Vanessa - Portugal Nationa Finals
Filipe Delgado – Portugal National Finals
Dennisa – Portugal National Finals
Moski – Spain National Final

Ouro - Portugal National Final

4 Cities in the running for ESC 2011

Four German cities are officially in the running to become the host of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Next year's running of Europe's favourite TV-show shall take place in either Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf or Hannover (in random order). Host broadcaster NDR and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will make a decision about which city will host the event within weeks.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and lies in the north-east of the country, less than 100 kilometers from the Polish border. The city has 3.5 million inhabitants and is famous for its complicated history of division between east and west. Since the wall that divided the city in two came down in 1989, Berlin has become one of Europe's popular tourist destinations as well as a cultural, economical and political centre of importance.

With 1.7 million people, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and the seventh largest city in the European Union. It is the home to broadcaster NDR, which airs the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany, making it one of the country's media capitals. It lies close to both the Dutch and Danish borders.

Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and lies close to the Dutch and Belgian borders. It has some 590,000 inhabitants. The city is considered an important German centre of economic activity and is famous for its annual fun fair, which attracts over 4 million visitors every year in July.

Hannover lies north from central Germany, and is the capital of Lower Saxony. It has 520,000 citizens, one of them being German Eurovision Song Contest winner Lena. In 2000, Hannover hosted the world fair Expo 2000. The Hannover fairground is the largest in the world. Novi Fosili means success

Novi Fosili, the Croatian band that represented Yugoslavia in 1987, are back with a new single. Lagano Lagano is now number 2 in the radio Charts in Croatia!

Mihalis Xatzigiannis in the German Charts

Mihalis Xatzigiannis entered the German chart this week with a song in english "Everyone dance". This number 96  is a very shy position but the starting for an international career. In Greece and Cyprus his summer hit "To Kalokairi mou" is a huge success. Good Luck Mihalis!


 Brian Kennedy's 20th Anniversary and Best of CD

"The release of the 'Very Best Of Brian Kennedy' celebrates Brian’s 20 years in the music business with this definitive compilation which showcases the key tracks from his early RCA albums together with 8 tracks from his later years on Curb Records.  These include ‘Get On With Your Short Life’ (Radio 2 single of the week on its release) and ‘Curragh of Kildare’ featuring actor Adrian Dunbar from Brian’s BBC TV series ‘On Song’.  Brian represented Ireland in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and finished in the Top 10 with ‘Every Song Is A Cry For Love’.  Brian’s biggest hit single ‘You Raise Me Up’ which reached #4 in the UK was released following his specially requested performance at George Best’s televised funeral in 2005. During these 20 years, Brian has opened on Broadway in ‘Riverdance’ performing a specially written set by the show’s composer Bill Whelan, he has been a key member of fellow Belfast man and international legend Van Morrison’s Blues and Soul World Tour for 6 years, and has also performed many live concerts for Bill Clinton together whilst extensively touring globally in his own right. Among the many awards Brian has collected over the years is the Irish Music Industry Award (IRMA) for Best Male Album, the Hot Press/2TV Award for Best Male Artist and earlier this year he was the recipient of Ireland’s coveted Meteor Award for Lifetime Achievement." source: official webpage

Filipa won two awards!

Filipa, this years portuguese singer won the TV and Music awards as best female singer. "Há dias assim" was also choosen the best song of the year! Congratulations!

Eurovision Party - Preview event in Lisbon (Bar 106)

A preview event of Eurovision Party Portugal will take place next Saturday at Bar 106 OGAE will introduce the confirmed names at the party next September 11. In this event you will feel the Eurovision Experience with ESC Music. If you are in Lisbon next weekend, you are welcome!!




Austria is back to Eurovision

Today the Austrian national broadcaster, ORF, revealed some of its plans for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest season. They might become one of the first ones to pick they entry for the 56th edition of Europe's favourite TV-show. Probably in October. Last time Austria participate in ESC was in 2007. source:


Harel Skaat signed with international label

Harel signed with an agent well considered by his work with great artists in the U.S. -  Barry Platnik - work with Grammy Award´winning vowed Michael Walden. Barry worked with huge artists (Beyonce, John Mayer, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey) and was impressed by the great voice. Harel inherent in international potential as an artist and a number of meetings between the two sides signed a contract for international representation.

Harel is currently in rehearsal for a big show in 7 / 8 and then begin work on the entire album. It would be English. Harel is expected to meet several first-rate writers and composers in the U.S. Harel personally confirmed that he was going to work on the international album. Michael Walden is a vow which is responsible for large number of huge hits of Whitney Houston - I Want to Dance With Somebody ", and Mariah Carey -" I Do not Want to Cry , to George Michael and Aretha Franklin the successful duet - "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me", to Starship - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and more.  Source: The

Sandra Kim revamped "J'aime la vie" video for Delta Lloyd Life


 Celine Dion is the biggest ESC artist in facebook

Facebook is the biggest virtual comunity in the world. announced the most popular ESC artists in facebook based in the number of fans. This is the Top 25:

  1. 1,142,969 Celine Dion (winner of the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest)
  2. 767,178 maNga (represented Turkey in 2010)
  3. 384,351 ABBA (winner of 1974)
  4. 365,914 Lena (the reigning queen of Europe's favourite TV-show)
  5. 193,802 Sakis Rouvas (represented Greece in 2004, 2009)
  6. 106,375 Elena Paparizou (vocalist of the 2001 Greek entry and winner of the 2005 edition)
  7. 103,470 Mor ve Ötesi (represented Turkey in 2008)
  8. 103,090 Anna Vissi (Greece, 1980, 2006; Cyprus 1982)
  9. 98,797 Alexander Rybak (winner in 2009)
  10. 78,558 Lordi (winner in 2006)
  11. 71,113 Sertab Erener (winner in 2003)
  12. 61,069 Arash (Azerbajan, 2009)
  13. 57,944 Ronan Keating (wrote the song for Denmark in 2009)
  14. 57,780 Lara Fabian (Luxembourg, 1988)
  15. Julio Iglesias (Spain, 1970)
  16. 37,055 t.A.T.u (Russia, 2003)
  17. 28,758 Andrew Lloyd Webber (co-wrote the 2009 UK entry)
  18. 25,071 Eva Rivas (Armenia, 2010)
  19. 25,069 Giorgos Alkaios & Friends (Greece, 2010)
  20. 24,523 Aysel (Azerbaijan, 2009)
  21. 22,436 Hadise (Turkey, 2009)
  22. 19,911 Tom Dice (Belgium, 2010)
  23. 18,778 Dima Bilan (Russia, 2006, winner in 2008)
  24. 16,112 Kalomira (Greece, 2008)
  25. 16,039 Yohanna (Iceland, 2009)

 Netherlands decided!

As announced by the official website of Eurovision, 3Js will represent The Netherlands in the next edition of Eurovision Song Contest in Germany (May 14th). Germany already announced some weeks ago, that this years winner Lena would represent the coutry.




Karolina Gocheva for Eurovision Party

Karolina Gocheva who represented Macedonia in Eurovision in 2002 and 2007 is the new name to participate in Eurovision Party Portugal next September 11th.

Jimmy... again!


 Hanna Pakarinen in Eurovision Party Portugal

Finland will be in the Eurovision Party Portugal next September 11th by the hand of Hanna Pakarinen! Hanna was the finish singer in ESC in 2007 after Lordi's victory! Hanna will join Michael Von Der Heide, Nucha, Mihai Traistariu, Hera Bjork, Anabel Conde, Filipa Azevedo, Fridrik Omar from Euroband, Coral, Vanessa, Filipe Delgado, Mosky, Denissa and Pedro Madeira. Two Dj's will be playing music: DJ Ohrmeister from Germany and DJ Camacho from Spain! Everyone is invited! More info about tickets and asrtist can be found at



Michael Von Der Heide and Pedro Madeira - Portuguese Eurovision Party in September

 Michael Von Der Haide is the last name to be known for Eurovision Party Portugal next September 11th! Michael represented Switzerland in ESC this year. One more national name is also know, Pedro Madeira was the portuguese artist in Eurojunior in 2006.




Hera Bjork in Eurovision Party Portugal

Hera Bjork is the new name confirmed to perform at Eurovision Party Portugal in Setúbal, next 11th of September. The website of the event is where you can find all the information related with this event. You can also contact us for more information.



Eurovision 2011 dates and first participant known 

EBU revealed the dates for Eurovision 2011. This is the result of the first meeting in Hamburg with NDR. The final will be in the 14th of May and the semifinals in the 10th and 12th as usual. The host city will be revealed after summer. More than 20 countries already confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2011 but only one choose the participant. It is Germany that will send... Lena again, probably with Stephan Rabb! Now that Satellite is the best seller single in Europe will this be a good oportunitie to have another victory?

Sofia Vitória will full agenda

Sofia represented Portugal in 2004 in Istambul. After the Eurovision experience Sofia decided to continue studying Jazz. Right now she's working with the well known Folk & Traditional Musician Julio Pereira and she also performs with Luís Figueiredo. Sofia will be in a long tour with these musicians around Italy, Spain and Portugal. Next Friday 25th, she will perform at Clube Espaço Lisboa.

Readers Top 5 - Best singers

During the last weeks, Eurovision On Top readers had the chance to choose the best singers from this years edition of Eurovision Song Contest. You can find the results at the right sidebar. Eva Rivas and Harel Skaat are the favourites for female and male singers. Now its time to decide the best Duo or Band! Let's vote (Poll in the right sidebar).

Eurovision Party Portugal - names announced

Today the first names of the 2010 edition of the Live Show Eurovision Party Portugal were anounced. Mihai Traistariu (Romania 2006), Fridrik Omar from Euroban (Iceland 2008), Nucha (Portugal 1990) and Anabel Conde (Spain 1996) will be performing in the stage of this concert in Setúbal next September 11th. Also names from National Finals will perform like Coral (Spain 2010) or Filipe Delgado (Portugal 2010). EurovisionOnTop is proud to take part in the organization for the second part. Last year it was a big success with names like Fabrizio Faniello, Jelena Tomasevic, Flor de Lis or Anabela, for example. Information about tickets will be revealed soon in this webpage or in the official page In the next days, more names will be anounced. From now, we want everyone to come to Setúbal and enjoy this big event. Setúbal is a city close to Lisbon between the river and the ocean. Dennisa, Vanessa and this year portuguese participant, Filipa, will be there too.

 The new Video from Serebro

Filipa nominated for TV and Music Awards

Filipa, this year singer from Portugal is nominated as Best female singer for the TV and Music Awards in Portugal. The song, Há dias assim, is also nominated in the category Best song. You can vote till the 13th of July through




Eurovision Hits! Back to success?

We are living different days since internet came into our lifes! The number of selling records decreased in all countries due to piracy and ilegal downloads. During the 90's and 00's in general in all over Europe, with some exceptions, performing in the ESC stage was not sinonymous of success. Maybe because in internet you can have your music "à la carte", choosing your favourite videos in youtube for example, the number of Music shows on TV also decreased in a lot of countries, for example, the Portuguese television doesnt have a weekly show or the mythic Top of the Pops ended in the UK . Is true that ilegal downloads are destroying the music industry and in some countries is very difficult to control piracy (Spain for example). In the middle of all this crisis, what we saw these last weeks in the charts seems to be very different. Since the 80's that we couldnt find so many smash hits from ESC in the Charts. EBU is doing a great job releasing the official CD every year and the proof is that the number of people that buy tracks in the internet are increasing for ESC hits. Thanks to EBU we dont have to wait for the release of a physical CD to buy it. Eurovision gained with that! Also the contest continues to be one of the most watched programs on TV every year. Can we talk in crisis for Eurovision? In the middle of so many problems in the music business can we consider that performing at Eurovision is a big opportunitie for a career? Is Eurovision safe? Will Eurovision be so popular as in the 60's, 70's, 80's?

In order to continue this discussion you can send your opinions to and we will write a report about it.

 Anabela new CD

Anabela, the portuguese singer who performed "A cidade até ser dia" in 1993 (10th place) will release her new CD. The title is "Nós" and will be presented in a concert in Casino Lisboa next Friday 18th.

ESC songs tops iTunes charts

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
7. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)
10. Madcon - Glow (interval act)

1. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)
2. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
5. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
10. Madcon - Glow (interval act)

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
2. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)
5. Madcon - Glow (interval act)
7. Giorgos Alkaios - OPA! (Greece)
8. maNga - We Could Be The Same (Turkey)

Lena - Satellite (Germany)
10. Chanée & N'evergreen - In A Moment Like This (Denmark)

1. Madcon - Glow (interval act)
2. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
3. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)
5. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
2. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)
4. Giorgos Alkaios - OPA! (Greece)
5. maNga - We Could Be The Same (Turkey)
7. Safura - Drip Drop (Azerbaijan)
8. Eva Rivas - Apricot Stone (Armenia)

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
4. Madcon - Glow (interval act)
8. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
2. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)
3. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)
4. Madcon - Glow (interval act)

The Netherlands
3. Lena - Satellite (Germany)


1. Madcon - Glow (interval act)
2. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
3. Chanée & N'evergreen - In A Moment Like This (Denmark)
4. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)
6. Safura - Drip Drop (Azerbaijan)
7. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)
8. Olia Tira & Sunstroke Project - Run Away (Moldova)
9. Ovi & Paula Seling - Playing With Fire (Romania)
10. Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life (Sweden)

6. Lena - Satellite (Germany)

2. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
3. Madcon - Glow (interval act)

1. Lena - Satellite (Germany)
4. Madcon - Glow (interval act)
5. Ovi & Paula Seling - Playing With Fire (Romania)
7. maNga - We Could Be The Same (Turkey)
8. Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (France)
10. Chanée & N'evergreen - In A Moment Like This (Denmark)

Eurovision Party Portugal goes to Oslo

The annual concert "Eurovision Party Portugal" will be held next September 11th in Setúbal, a city close to Lisbon. In order to invite people to visit Portugal in that period, the organization will make a big promotion in Oslo with several products and merchadising. Last year, severall Eurovision Artists were invited and performed in the biggest party devoted to Eurovision. Check section SPECIALS for last year edition of Eurovision Party.



The Israeli Video

Jan Johansen's new single and video

The new single from Jan Johansen i snow out. It is called Till Dig and its part of the CD ”En Ny Bild Av Mig”. It was written by Robert ”Rob” Wåtz, Christian Fast, Cribe Pencheff and Jan Johansen. Last year, the song Fri was the most voted song in the TOP20 chart from Eurovision On Top.

Watch the new video here:

Denmark to win according to OGAE

Allmost all countries from the official international fã club voted. L'Organization Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision decided and choose Denmark to win in Oslo. These are the results so far:

Denmark 197; Israel 160; Germany 154; Norway 136; Armenia 120;  Croatia 115; Iceland 111; Spain 105; Azerbaijan 103; Ireland 95; Slovakia 83; Sweden 63; Switzerland 50; Turkey 49; Greece 41; Belgium 36; Albania 35; Romania 32; France 29; Moldova 14; Lithuania 10; Netherlands 10 ; Serbia 10;  Belarus 9; Latvia 6; FYR Macedonia 5; Bulgaria 4; Georgia 4; Ukraine 4; United Kingdom 4; Finland 3; Poland 1

Alyosha Unveiled Her Video 

Ukrainian Eurovision 2010 entry Alyoshahas unveiled the video for her song SweetPeople. The video will be Alyosha's first step in implementation of her ECOVISION2010 program, within which she plans to roll out a series of projects aimed atpromoting global responsibility for the protection of environment. For the mostpart the projects will be presented to the ESC fans and journalists in Oslolater this month. The video shooting took place in theChernobyl exclusion zone - the place of nuclear power plant explosion in 1986. "Thedisaster at the Chernobylnuclear power plant is one of the darkest pages in the history of my country,but there are "chernobyls" waiting tohappen and calling for urgent action on the global level in many other nationsworldwide. I have used the emotive images of Chernobyl in my video because theyare a very powerful reminder of what negligence, irresponsibility and inactionof "sweet people" can leadto," said Alyosha. The video storyline is complementedwith the Greenpeace footage of the major environmental problems of today, suchas industrial destruction of underwater world, deforestation, and various typesof environmental pollution. Alyosha has expressed her gratitude to Greenpeacefor the support of her environmental initiative. The singer hopes that her ESC 2010song and video will get a message across to those who can use their influenceto accelerate the process of solving environmental problems around the world. "Now the issue ofenvironmental security is at the top of the global agenda. Every day we face largeand small disasters that pose a real threat not only to fauna and flora of ourplanet, but also to the stability of the most powerful world economies. Theexplosion of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which led to the massive oilspill, is the top news. Everyone has suffered - underwater world and people. Ihope that my program ECOVISION 2010, which I will present in Oslo, will remindEuropean and world leaders about their responsibilities of not only talkingabout environment protection, but also urging them to take action to solvethem", - Alyosha emphasized.   source: CFC entertainment

More Promotional Videos 

The Ukrainian video is finally out and the Israeli video is yet to come. The video from Milim will be presented in Harel Skaat's press conference in Oslo.

Glennis Grace goes Dutch!

The representative for the Netherlands in 2005 Glennis Grace (My Impossible Dream) recorded a new single in Dutch: Als je mij weer aankijkt (If you look at me again). The single is a preview of the coming cd-album that she recorded with Fluitsma & Van Tijn, the producer duo which composed Vrede (ESC 1993 Ruth Jacott) and Hemel en Aarde (ESC 1998 Edsilia Rombley). Today spotted the premiere of the videoclip of Als je mij weer aankijkt.

Click here for the Official videoclip:

Eurostars new single covers "Love Shine a Light"

The single Love shine a light of the Dutch group Eurostars (Maxine & Fanklin Brown (ESC '96), Esther Hart (ESC '03), Mandy Huydts (ESC '86) en Marlayne (ESC '99)) is out now! The single can be downloaded via Itunes and other downloadsites. The song is a cover of the winning song of Katrina & The waves in 1997. The benefits of the single will go to the foundation Europe Childhelp (Stichting Europa kinderhulp). 

Click it here


The official Video from the UK now released!

Deep Zone won Best Group Award

Deep Zone was voted as "Best Group for 2010" at the prestigious "Bg Radio Music Awards" which was held in Sofia / Bulgaria last week. In the mean time Dian Solo (group's former) is the Official NUMBER 1 in many radio & TV charts with his second solo project called "Rise Again" which is predicted to be one of the biggets summer hits in Bulgaria and countries around.The video was shot in Las Vegas (USA) during his DJ tour in December 2009. You can watch it here:

Source: Deep Zone's facebook official webpage

Beth's new CD

The spanish girl from Dime (2003) has a new CD. It will be out next 18th of May and the newest thing is that it will be in Català. Segueix-me el fil will have 12 songs and you can watch th enew video from the first single in our video section.

Portuguese official remix

Eurovision Concert in The Netherlands

Last 24 of April we had the oportunitie to live an amazing concert and an amazing evening in Zaandam, near Amsterdam. For the second time, the show organized by OGAE NL, Bea Records, ESCTODAY among others , was an opportunitie to see the future Eurovision Stars, that will be performing in Eurovision in May.

In total, 17 countries were performing. Sieneke opened the show with an Eurovision Medley performed in Dutch. When she sang Shalalie the public was very enthusiastic. Finland performed two songs, the first played live with the instruments the girl played. It was a good moment full of energy. Aisha, from Latvia, performed a Janis Joplin song and she show how good singer she is. Milan performed “Ovo -je Balkan song” and it was a very happy moment. The performance of Tom Dice from Belgium showed how popular he is in The Netherlands and how much people like the song. Juliana from Albania was probably one of the best voices from the evening, a very very nice performance. Filipa from Portugal started saying that she was going to sing “Chamar a Música” as a hommage to Rosa Lobato de faria that passed away this year, the lyricist of the song. She was a shining little star on stage. InCulto revealed a big performance with a very nice choreography. It was a very funny and good surprise. Michael, the swiss performer was very nice on stage, dancing and singing as the great professional he is. Alyosha performed also two songs. A sweet rebel girl on stage. The band from Slovenia gave us a big moment with nice voices and the expected mix of rock and folk. With Miro, everybody danced as he performed two dance songs, Angel si ti and as he said his biggest hit in Bulgaria. John Lilygreen and “one” Islanders performed totally unplugged and everybody was singing! A very nice moment! Sopho from Georgia, performed with a very nice and stylish dress, showing that she can be an European Whitney Houston(?). MaNga, the MTV award winner of best european act, made the show very dinamic. Josh from the UK introduced the new and final version of his song but people seemed to be more happy with his performance of a Jason Donovan song. Harel from Israel ended the show and after singing two songs, Marcha (NL 87) asked him to perform Haleluia. A perfect voice! It was a very nice show and Dj Ohrmeister continued the party with Eurovision Hits. Congratulations to the organization!

Check also our Photo Gallery!

Ash cloud difficults Eurovision organisers

According to Eurovision.TV "The gigantic ash cloud that shut down air traffic in Northern- and Western Europe now also affects the preparations for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Although the implications are small, it is one team in particular which is making long hours!"

"Every day, camera crews of Host Broadcaster NRK are travelling through Europe to record the 39 postcard videos in all participating countries. Now that air traffic has been suspended in over ten European countries, the team's coordinator Ragnhild Skåle had to come up with some creative schedule changes, not to lose time. While NRK is well on schedule with the preparations for the 2010 running of Europe's favourite TV-show, Mother Nature decided to interfere with the organisers' travel schedule. (...) Ironically, next week's first destination on the postcard team's schedule is... Iceland!"


Teddy Scholten died

Eurovision Song Contest winner Teddy Scholten passed away at the age of 83. She won the fourth running of the competition with Een Beetje representing The Netherlands.

Alyosha urges "sweet people" to take action on global environment

Ukrainian entry in Eurovision 2010 Alyoshais planning to make a video for her song SweetPeople in Chernobyl, the site of the 1986 nuclear power-plant tragedy. Thesinger is convinced that world leaders are capable of solving most global environmentalproblems but lack political will. Alyosha hopes that her song and moving videowill reach out to the policy and decision makers worldwide and will prompt them to take action on global environment.

The video will be Alyosha's first step in the realization of her Ecovision 2010 programme, within which she plans to roll out aseries of projects aimed at promoting global responsibility for the protectionof environment. For the most part the projects will be presented to theEurovision's fans and journalists during the singer's stay in Oslo later inMay.

"Eurovision isloved by millions of Europeans in over 40 countries. And thanks to itscontinuously growing popularity it is a unique platform for promoting importantglobal issues which affect our daily life and shape our future. I hope our Ecovision 2010  programme will remind European and worldleaders about their duty to not only talk the environmental talk, but also towalk the environmental walk." - said Alyosha, who was born only two weeksafter the disaster at Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986. "The disaster atthe Chornobyl nuclear power plant is one of the darkest pages in the history ofmy country, but there are "Chernobyls"waiting to happen and calling for urgent action on the global level in manyother nations worldwide.  We turned tothe emotive images of Chernobyl in our video because they are a very powerfulreminder of what negligence, irresponsibility and inaction of "sweet people" can lead to."

"Sweet People is a very honest, sincere and emotionalsong. That's why the main aim of the video is to visually amplify the emotionwhich underpins the song. To do justice to Alyosha's beautifully moving song,the video will be very realistic; it will have no special effects, noartificial set - everything will be shot in the abandoned city of Pripyat, homeof the Chernobyl nuclear power-plant" - commented the video's director VictorSkuratovsky. "

The official release ofthe video is planned for April 23.

source: CFC Entertainment PR Service

Drip Drop by Beyonce's choreographer

Beyonce's choreographer is working on the performance for Drip Drop video and
stage act!

JaQuel Knight, one of the biggest choreographers, will work with Safura on her ESC 2010 performance and music video. The announcement of JaQuel's colaboration is the latest in a row ofsurprises that have followed Safura's Eurovision journey to date. Knight is
arguably the industrys most successful commercial choreographer, almost
worshiped for his astonishing work with Beyonce (Single Ladies, I Am tour),
Britney Spears (Circus tour) and other celebrities. As one of his projects,
Knight is currently choreographing this year's American Idol show. JaQuel Knight will work on Safura's Drip Drop music video and then choreograph her Eurovision stage performance. The two young talents have been seen to get along very well with each other, apparently sharing much more than just their similar age. Both of them have creative, open-minded, strong personalities and are staunch fans of Beyonce's. Both have a clear vision of their future careers in show business. And now they have a common
goal to put their talents together and create a Eurovision breakthrough. Knight is known for his cooperation with young, up-and-coming music artists in Los Angeles. Euromedia and Luxen Group of Companies invited him among several other top choreographers to provide his ideas for Safura's performance. Knights out-of-the-box vision for Drip Drop's choreography
and his true interest in working with Safura for Eurovision made him the ideal choreographer for the act. "I almost fell when I found out that JaQuel will be my choreographer. I mean, I know him as Beyonce's choreographer, right? So you can imagine. I was very nervous when I first met him. But he's just such a cool guy. Really, I think I share a lot with him. We understand each other very well. I'm so happy to work with him", said Safura.

source of the news:

2 artists repeating

Like every year, some ESC artists try again. Niahm Kavanagh the Eurovision winner from 1993 will try this year to win again for Ireland. Femminem who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005 with Call me are back again. This time with a ballad representing Croatia!

Rita Guerra's new CD

Rita Guerra, the portuguese singer from 2003 has a new CD. It is called Luar and the most curious thing is the new single which is a cover version of the song that placed 2nd in Portuguese National Final in 1979.

Eurovision Artists in San Remo

Next 16th of February, San Remo Festival will start. Among the artists we can find Toto Cotugno and Enrico Ruggeri. The list of participants is as follows:


ARISA – “Ma l’amore no”

MALIKA AYANE – “Ricomincio da qui”
TOTO CUTUGNO – “Aeroplani”
NINO D’ANGELO – “Jammo ja”
IRENE GRANDI – “La cometa di Halley”
MARCO MENGONI – pezzo da decidere
MORGAN – “La sera”
FABRIZIO MORO – “Non è una canzone”
NOEMI – “Per tutta la vita”
NOMADI ft IRENE – “Il mondo piange”
POVIA – “La verità (Eluana)”
ENRICO RUGGERI – “La notte delle fate”
VALERIO SCANU – “Un attimo con te”
SONOHRA – “Baby”

Good Luck to all!

Former Eurovision Artists try again  

The first part of Eurovision Season is on the way and some of our artists from Eurovision wants to try again their luck in the Contest.

Konstantinos from Cyprus will try again with a song called Angel. If he manage to go to Oslo it will be his 4th time in Eurovision. In Spain, Anabel Conde who reached the second place when Secret Garden won with Nocturne is trying again. Also in the Spanish race, Toñi Moreno form Azucar Moreno is on the run.

In Portugal, Nucha, who represented Portugal before, is competing with Chuva. Maria Haukaas passed the first semifinal in Norway and is on the way.

Lauris Reiniks will try one more time for Latvia and also Martin Freimanis with his new group "Per". From Romania, Luminita Anghel and Save their lives.

Niamh Kavanagh is trying again for Ireland after wining the contest in the 90's.

Good Luck to everyone!

Study - Most successful Latvian musicians - ESC artists in the Chart

Public Relations and marketing communications vortal  along with PR and Art Management consultant Leonarda Kestere have created TOP 7 of the most successful artists in Latvian show-business. These are musicians who know how to sell themselves even during a period of crisis. The bottom line of success of Latvian brightest bands and solo artists is an ability to use integrated communications in their work. Some Eurovision artists are included in the Top7:

1.Prāta Vētra / Brainstorm
2.Lauris Reiniks
3.Mārtiņš Freimanis
4.Linda Leen
5.Marija Naumova
7.Viktors Lapčenoks

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