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Popularity Artists Chart (according with the success achieved at the weekly chart #EOT TOP20 + 5)

From week 1/2009 to week 34/2018 

Alexander Rybak still the artist with more number ones and weeks on chart. Michal Szpak and Zdravko Colic climbed 2 and 7 places, respectively. There are no new artists at the TOP 10, only positions changed.

Marco Mengoni, Sakis Rouvas and Goran Karan entered the TOP 20 this year. Helena Paparizou stays at the door of the TOP10 despite being the artist with more singles in the chart ever (21 songs).

With 4 entries in the chart since he won Eurovision, 2 of them at number 1, Salvador Sobral is now the most succesfull artist from Portugal in the chart.

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